How To Be a Bawse

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back to The Boss Book Club!

Today we will be looking at a book that is deceptively empowering, inspiring and motivating: How To Be a Bawse by Lilly Singh.

Now I shall be honest- I received this book for my birthday. My husband got it for me as a joke because of the hilariously ridiculous misspelling of the word Bawse, and he thought I would giggle. He didn’t even think I would read it. But I did.

And I loved it.

I had never heard of the author Lilly Singh before, but chances are, many of you have. She is the creator and star behind the Youtube channel Superwoman. She has successfully garnered over a billion views, travelled around the world, and made over a million dollars. This book is an advice/ self help book of 50 chapters, divided into 4 parts, with the aim of encouraging you to be the best you can be.

When I first opened the book I was ready to laugh at it.  I snickered and rolled my eyes at the use of hashtags and abbreviations; her definition of what the difference is between a Bawse and a Boss; and her advice to seek motivation by watching a Justin Bieber documentary. However, by the time I’d reached the end of page 315 I was asking my husband to be quiet so as not to disturb my concentration as I devoured it to its very last page, my attitude completely checked, and was indeed grateful for the motivating ‘kick up the butt’ this book gives you.

Each chapter, written with frank and honest humour, gives straightforward life advice on how to identify your goals and pursue what you want in life. As well as motivating you towards financial and career success, Lilly addresses ways to improve yourself as a person, including how to develop a more positive mindset, be grateful for what you have, and to make your own world a more pleasant place to live. The format of the book is easy to read, each chapter being only a few pages long, with lots of colour, photographs, and large text, which is perfect for making it easily engageable and interesting. The shortness of the chapters lend themselves well to rereading, or using it as a motivational tool- a chapter before you get up each morning.

This book will not be for everyone. Her advice is certainly applicable to anyone of any age, however certainly her style and language is suited towards a younger audience. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that her main demographic would be young women- perhaps from 13yo upwards- and if they have ambitions in the entertainment industry (actors, Youtube broadcasters etc) so much the better. Certainly, a lot of her examples draw on her experiences in this field. However, if you keep an open mind, the principles apply universally, wherever your ambitions lie.

This book would make a fantastic gift as a graduation present, or to congratulate someone on the completion of an exam or other important milestone. It’s also perfect if you feel you have lost your focus in life and need some motivating!

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Humans of New York

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Boss Book Club!

Today we are going to take a look at Humans of New York, a book of photographs by Brandon Stanton.

The Humans of New York project started in 2010 when Mr Stanton lost his employment as a bond trader. He had a camera and an interest in photography so he embarked on the ambitious project of photographing 10, 000 New Yorkians….

What initially began as a Facebook page eventually morphed into a blog, and through the power of social media its popularity skyrocketed around the world. The Humans of New York blog now has over 8 million followers (a few more than the Boss Book Club but hey, we’re getting there…). Stanton has since switched away from the 10,000 people goal post and is instead simply aiming to update the blog daily with a couple of portraits.

The huge popularity of the blog has lead to the release of the book, which contains a selection of Stanton’s photographs, as well as an introduction from Stanton himself.

This book is charming, interesting and inspirational on two fronts: the images themselves, and the quotes and stories that go alongside them.

In terms of photography content, there is a wide diversity of people on display. People from all ages, races, and gender are featured here. There are stand-alone shots, pictures of couples, group photos of neighbourhood communities and whole crowd shots. Even animals get featured alongside their Humans of New York counterparts!

A variety of New York backdrops are featured also, from abandoned parking lots, city skyscrapers, or neighbourhood slums, to subways, parks, gardens and the local fire station. I spent hours poring over the photographs and being inspired by the vibrancy of the subjects. The photographs are full of life, and all tell a story. In terms of style, there are some candid photographs, but most of the subjects are aware of the camera and are posing for it.

The text that accompanies each photograph is short: sometimes a few words only that state where the photograph was shot, other times a quote from the subject of the photo, other times a short story (2 or 3 lines) is given about that person or the circumstances in which the photograph was taken. At first I was put off by the text because I didn’t expect it. I expected a book of images only. Once I adjusted my thinking however, I found the quotes, and tales behind the photos incredibly enjoyable. It pulled me further in to the stories of the individuals, and drove me to turn the page to find out about the next person. I felt the text elevates the reading experience and gives you a stronger connection to the person who is being featured and their personality or history.

This book is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who wants to feel inspired. If you have a passion for fashion or styling hair, you will be inspired by this book. If you are fascinated by people, and the depth of human experience, you will love this book. If you are a writer, there is plenty of inspiration for characters or short stories, or if you love travel (or have been lucky enough to go to New York!) this will undoubtedly entice you to go there. Of course, photographers will find inspiration here. What is particularly exciting for amateur photographers is that Stanton admits to never having trained in photography, he simply got out there and took photos, and his blog has lead to major success (which I’m sure is a tad frustrating for those who have trained and worked for years and are still yet to be published…)

This book is largely full of positivity: there are many smiling faces, photos of friendship and love, the intriguing, the weird and wacky, and the quiet and thoughtful. It certainly left me feeling good about the world after I finished it, and it really opened my eyes to the lives that are being lived (as a lady from Australia) on the other side of the world.


This book would make a beautiful gift for yourself or another.



Happy Reading and thank you for joining The Boss Book Club!!



Did you enjoy Humans of New York? Know of any excellent photography books? Let me know in the comments below!





Life Story

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the Boss Book Club!

Today I am going to review a beautiful book called Life Story, which is an accompaniment to the BBC television series of the same name. This is a visually impressive book that will make an excellent gift for any animal lover (or for your good self of course!)

The television series this book is based on is a large-scale nature documentary. The filming of Life Story was certainly an impressive fete, it took over two and a half years to film across 29 countries, and during that time the BBC was able to capture over 1,800 hours of footage. Needless to say, they were able to capture some amazing photographs, and the still photography is what features largely in this book.

The concept behind the book and series is to show the journey of various animals, from birth to reproduction of the next generation, and every struggle, conflict, decision and journey in between. The chapters in this book are named as such: First Steps, Growing Up, Home, Power, Courtship, and Parenthood, with a final chapter dedicated to the making of the series.

Did you know that when a male lion takes over a pride they will often kill all the cubs from any previous males? And that only approximately 20% of cubs make it beyond 2 years old? Or that the females synchronize their reproduction so they all produce a litter at the same time? Maybe you’re a lot smarter than me and already knew that, but I sure didn’t. Now look at me go!

There are over 50 different animals featured in this book. Each animal gets between a 2 and 6 page write up, with lots of beautiful photographs (usually including a double page spread) for each one. The information is interesting and easy to digest. I read the book by focusing on an animal a day, which was easily achievable in 5- 10 minutes of reading a night. However, I can see some nature lovers easily pouring hours into this book and reading it all in one go. They will also be pleased to see a foreword by the great naturalist himself, David Attenborough. If you have seen the series, the ‘making of’chapter provides some fascinating insights into the challenges of capturing wildlife behaviour.

The greatest strength of this book for me is that it demonstrates how life is a struggle for all species on earth. It throws into light the fight for survival, the elaborate lengths animals go to in order to find a mate or protect their young, the ingenious and difficult things animals go through to better their chances at continuing their bloodline. It makes you appreciate the wide and diverse world out there and reminds you that humans aren’t the only ones with daily obstacles to overcome. The study of nature helps us take the focus away from ourselves and appreciate what else is happening in the world, and this book, with it’s beautiful photographs and variety of experience, makes it a wonderful journey.


Happy Reading and welcome to The Boss Book Club!


Got an interesting animal fact? Read any other great nature books? Let me know in the comments below!

It’s Not Easy Bein’ Me

Hi Everyone and welcome back to The Boss Book club!

Today I’m going to talk about a thoroughly funny and enjoyable autobiography from one of the world’s late, great comedians, Rodney Dangerfield.

If you don’t know who Rodney Dangerfield is by name, chances are you will know his voice, or recognize him as that poor schmuck who gets “no respect, no respect at all!” A quick Youtube search may make you an instant fan!

If you already know Rodney and enjoyed his comedy, or his appearances in movies such as Caddyshack or Back to School then you will find this autobiography a fascinating and of course, very funny read. On every single page of this relatively short autobiography, Rodney has included one of his famous quips, so you’re guaranteed at least a smile, if not a giggle every page. Some classics include:

“l tell ya, my wife was never nice to me. On our first date, I asked her if I could give her a good-night kiss on the cheek. She bent over.”


“I tell ya, my family were always big drinkers. When I was a kid, I was missing. They put my picture on a bottle of Scotch.”

Ah, one more won’t hurt…

“I asked my wife, “Last night, were you faking it?” She said, “No, I was really sleeping.”

One of those little gems on every single page! Your ongoing entertainment is virtually guaranteed. Rodney of course discusses his whole life in this book, from his childhood, to the running of his nightclub and all the celebrities he’s met in between. If you’re a fan of comedy, show business, and the Las Vegas scene then let Rodney tell you all about it. The book does have a serious side though, and Rodney doesn’t flinch away from talking about the difficult points of his life, including his troubled relationship with his mother, his health problems and his lifelong battle with depression. One of the most impactful moments of the book for me was discovering that Rodney gave up comedy when he was 28 years old, and for 12 years worked as a labourer. It was only when he turned 40 that he decided to give comedy another crack and ended up becoming a comedy superstar. I found this fact to be inspiring as I think today there’s a certain pressure to have your entire life sorted out before you turn 30 years old! He showed that you can follow your dreams and passions at any age and be successful.

A nice addition to this book is a foreword by Jim Carrey and afterword by Roseanne Barr. These little segments nicely bookend Rodney’s story and highlight how much Rodney did to support other comedians and their acts. After this book you will experience a greater appreciation for Rodney Dangerfield, relive some of his best jokes, and realize the hard work that goes behind the scenes to what looks like effortless comedy.

And who knows, you might even respect him a little.



Thank you for joining the Boss Book Club, feel free to tell me your favourite Dangerfield joke in the comments below! Happy Reading.